Funtyme Travel is a travel consulting service that provides recreational and business travelers with professional service consultation.

Funtyme Travel has positioned itself as a specialist in the adventure and recreational travel industry and generates the majority of its income from this entity. We provide individuals, group travelers, and corporate clients with the same level of excellent service. Our services and products include travel consultation, pre-arranged tours, custom reunion packages, reservations for lodging, rental cars, rail passage, etc. We seek to differentiate ourselves as a premier adventure travel agency in the metropolitan Washington, DC area.

Funtyme Travel has established relationships with many providers of travel related products and services. Many potential customers are unsure of the locations they wish to travel. Part of the our value as a travel services is the knowledge we possess about destinations. Our customers look to us to provide them with sound advice and competitive price. Funtyme Travel is confident in its ability to do so. Time is a precious commodity as we value yours. Funtyme Travel can save customers time and money, and help to ensure that they are satisfied with all of their travel plans.